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Cosmic Skincare is a line of natural small batch skincare and botanical bath rituals.

All our products are lovingly designed to encourage self - love and body acceptance. We are not another “anti-aging” brand, we believe you are perfect just as you are and that aging is a gift. Infusing your skin with loving nourishment is an act of deep and profound self care.

Made using only natural and ethically sourced ingredients, we carefully infuse and combine a delicate and potent blend of oils, clays, petals, milks and honey to nourish your skin and spirit with pure plant magic.

Nature provides the miracle.

Formulated and crafted by hand in micro batches in our studio cottage by the sea using the highest quality ingredients and bottled in plastic free glass jars.

Always cruelty free ingredients that are free of all synthetic preservatives, sulphates, artificial fragrance, and petroleum. Safe for you. Safe for your babies. Safe for the Earth.

Our products are inspired by a vast combination of forces that alchemize into something Cosmic. Forever inspirations include crystals of pink quartz, goddess energy and the divine feminine, long forest walks, folk traditions, old apothecaries, magic, romance, Autumn, the sea and moonbathing. Find your magic.

This is poetry for your skin and spirit.


Let us help you uncover your perfect ritual

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Thank you!! I love your products. And I appreciate all the attention to detail, bonus sample gift! The packages are always so much fun.


Great subtle scent; high quality product. My beard loves this oil


I'm sorry I took so long to review but I love this product. I use it for almost everything. Thanks.


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom and I can't believe how happy I am with it. The packaging is so beautiful and adds such a wonderful personal touch to the gift. It's very hard for me to find bath products that work for my moms skin, as she is very sensitive but she loved this product and had 0 issues. Highly recommend!!!


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