Oil Cleansing For Healthy Glowing Skin ~NATURALLY


Have you heard of oil cleansing to wash your face?  Using a natural quality oil to wash you face works to dissolve your own skin’s oils and sebum that can become hardened with impurities and bacteria, thus blocking your pores.  This concept can be very beneficial for congested skin, acne, dull and dry skin as a must try.




1. Start with DRY skin.  Take a quarter sized amount of oil and massage onto the face and neck using a circular motion.  Take at least one minute to really allow the oil to sink in and start to break down impurities and dissolve makeup.


2. Take a soft face cloth and put under very warm to hot water and squeeze excess out.  Lay over face allowing the heat to create a steam like effect on face. 


3 .Gently use the face cloth to wipe away the oils, dirt and sebum, repeating the hot steamy cloth if necessary until face feels perfectly cleansed and hydrated.


4. A few extra drops of your personal choice of oil can be used if needed but you may find your skin feels perfect with a healthy glow already.


5. With continued use the oil cleansing method can regulate moisture levels and actually can clear and control acne.


I personally love our Absolute Oil as I have dull aging skin especially in these winter months.  Our Clarity Oil would be nice for combination or acne prone skin and the Plum Oil would be really nice for sensitive or dry skin types in need of a perky glow.


Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method yet? 





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